Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation, Japan, International Internship in Japan

Welcome to The Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation, Japan (TGEC) is the world’s premier company for global engineering.  Whether you’re looking to ring this planet with vacuum-tube trains or use nanotechnology to clone the planet altogether, no project is too large to be designed by TGEC.

The engineering, design science, and global studies disciplines—to name a few—have seen dramatic changes over the past few decades. With a shift from government-led projects to bustling, for-profit, commercial markets.  While such industries continue to adjust to ever decreasing public and private funding,  TGEC remains able to provide consistent results.

TGEC has the proven ability to work with both commercial companies and government entities around the world. Creating an environment that meets a vast array of needs, and demonstrates that TGEC genuinely strives for cosmic success.  In time, TGEC may outpace emerging, multibillion-dollar startups that resupply missions for national space agencies, with space engineering being but one of TGEC’s divisions.

We have been focused on adapting to the ever-changing Academy.  Attracting professors and students alike, as well as launching an innovative outreach campaign to help attract even more stakeholders.  And we’ve earned a reputation for providing the best internships on the planet. While change is on the horizon, we want to remind our fellow humans that TGEC is still the hub for all things linking the academic, the corporate, and the global.  Like our stakeholders, TGEC is ready to make the world a better place.

We are pleased to share with you our website.

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