Corporate Social Responsibility



The Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation plans and executes business plans to promote the application of currently accepted scientific principles to the design of global projects and to grow as a global company. Under these plans, the Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation continues to respond to the trust and expectations of all stakeholders in a rapid manner as a leading global engineering company. In addition, the Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation promotes sound business activities, and fulfills social responsibility as a member of the communities in which it operates, not only in Tokyo, but elsewhere. The Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation aims to establish global presence by contributing to the realization of a humans as a multi-Earth species and a beautiful future for all species supported by empirical research and seamless design.

Corporations are increasingly required to reflect compliance law, to protect human rights, to improve labor environments, to conserve the environment, to protect stakeholders, and to incorporate local communities into their activities. Corporations increasingly need to consider impact on stakeholders more carefully and enhance their commitment to corporate social responsibility. In fiscal year 2017, the Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation adopted the seven core, corporate social responsibility subjects of ISO 26000.

For more information about ISO and ISO 26000, please see any of the following:


ISO 26000 core subject 6.2, organizational governance

Issue: risk management

Applications: risk management activities, business continuity planning, corporate social responsibility management

Issue: security

Applications: TGEC Threats Analysis Branch, cyber security

Issue: corporate governance

Applications: TGEC corporate governance system diagram, corporate governance and internal controls, Board of Investors (directors, auditors), Board of Advisors (advisors), Executive Committee, Planning Committee, Outreach Committee, internal auditing

ISO 26000 core subject 6.3, human rights

Issue: supply-chain corporate social responsibility

Applications: TGEC quality-management activities based on quality management system, quality management system diagram, corporate social responsibility supply-chain management

Issue: compliance

Applications: TGEC Legal Branch, Unison Branch, compliance promotion system, compliance promotion system diagram, internal reporting system, anti-sexism training, anti-racism training, disability-accommodation training, anti-violence training

ISO 26000 core subject 6.4, labor practices

Issue: safety

Applications: TGEC safety policy, safety activities

Issue: health

Applications: TGEC Health Branch, health activities, research

Issue: human resource development

Applications: TGEC Workforce Education and Development Branch, education activities

ISO 26000 core subject 6.5, the environment

Issue: the environment

Applications: TGEC core environmental policy, environmental management system, near-zero CO2 emissions (minus transportation emissions and microemissions from computer hardware), energy-saving activities, zero industrial waste emissions, zero environmental incidents

ISO 26000 core subject 6.6, fair operating practices

Issue: creation and protection of intellectual properties

Applications: TGEC Legal Branch, Knowledge Branch, Journalism Branch, creation and protection of intellectual properties, patents, efforts to address intellectual property issues, compliance with international copyright law

ISO 26000 core subject 6.7, consumer issues

Issue: research and development approaches

Applications: TGEC Knowledge Branch, Journalism Branch, Grants Branch, Networking Branch, design teams, publications

Issue: information security

Applications: TGEC Threats Analysis Branch, Information Branch (webmaster), Innovation Branch, cyber security

ISO 26000 core subject 6.8, community involvement and development

Issue: social contribution activities

Applications: TGEC beneficiary (Misato Children’s Home), free services for internship participants

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