External job announcement (internal applicants welcome)

Position: Chief Diversity Officer
Program: Corporation-wide
Reports to: Chief Executive Officer
Classification: Unpaid internship

Organization overview:

Founded in the philosophical works of the distinguished Prof. Richard Buckminster Fuller, original designer of Tokyo Tower (among many, many other things) the mission of Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation (“TGEC”) is to apply currently accepted scientific principles to the design of projects that cannot be implemented until the emergence of a global state. Headquartered in the North Aoyama Ward of Tokyo, TGEC has employees around the world, and prides itself in its pointedly anti-discriminatory policies, while demanding the same of all its employees. TGEC has two divisions, and two corporate boards: the Operations Division and the Support Division, and the Board of Investors and the Board of Advisors. Within the Operations Division exist the following departments: Bioengineering, Nanoengineering, Civil Engineering, Space Engineering, Global Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Communication Engineering. Within the Support Division are the following bureaus: Art, Business Development, Communication, Econometrics, Editing, Employment, Finance, General Counsel, Grants, Health, Information, Innovation, Knowledge, Networking, Philanthropy, Procurement, Reputation, Scheduling, Strategy, Threat Analysis, Translation, and Workforce Education.

Position overview:

The Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) will serve as a member of the executive management and as a member of the TGEC Outreach Committee (co-chaired by the Chief Reputation Officer and Chief Strategy Officer). In collaboration with the CEO, the CDO will achieve and maintain a diverse and representative workforce within the Corporation, free of discrimination, and reflecting the innovation and creativity that diversity can bring to the global workplace. Diversity and inclusion are principles that are imperative to fulfilling TGEC’s mission and are therefore an organizational priority. TGEC seeks a leader that can take this vision and make it a reality as part of the Corporation’s culture, values, and leadership imperative. In partnership with the Chief Employment Officer, General Counsel, the Board of Advisors, the Chief Strategy Officer, the Chief Operations Officer, and others, the CDO will be a catalyst for formulating a strategic plan and conducting short- and long-term actions towards this vision. In addition, the CDO will encourage fairness throughout the entire organization and foster an environment of inclusion by ensuring that TGEC’s programs, policies, and work environment promote equal opportunity in hiring, advancement, and training.

The CDO’s responsibilities will require teleworking in a variety of cultural contexts to ensure that the Corporation’s employees have appropriate access to diversity counseling and training and in order to provide proper diversity advice, guidance, program management, and policy development and oversight across the Corporation as a whole


In coordination with the Chief Executive Officer and executive officers, the CDO will play a key role in the Corporation by focusing on TGEC’s future development and directions. The CDO will:

– Serve as a member of the TGEC Outreach Committee and work directly with the members of the Committee, TGEC’s Board of Advisors, and TGEC’s executive officers to maintain and enhance the outreach plan with the following five components:
o Increase TGEC project portfolio, including more diverse university and government relationships.
o Augment existing outreach model.
o Explore options for outreach.
o Develop diversity within the TGEC Operations Division.
o Diversify TGEC outreach capacity.
– Serve as TGEC’s Settlement Official on settlements of informal and formal discrimination complaints.
– Provide expert advice and counsel to senior management staff members and executive officers at multiple levels of TGEC and private sector clients and vendors on TGEC diversity matters.
– Collaborate with high-ranking officials such as agency heads of national governments and the United Nations, chief employment officers, and executives of comparable private sector and government organizations.
– Perform program-management responsibilities to include, but not limited to, managing the diversity counseling process: handling of discrimination complaints at the informal and formal stages, managing a robust alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program to include investigation and settlement activities, and supervising the administration of anti-discrimination programs and activities.
– Develop and implement diversity policies, programs, and guidelines.
– Serve on corporate (other than TGEC), national, international, supranational, and regional special working groups, task forces, and expert panels on special projects that are crucial to the resolution of pervasive operating problems.
– Conduct outreach activities to promote awareness, facilitate cohesion, establish mutual goals and develop strategic plans that encourage diversity and fairness.

– Help the CEO develop relationships and partnerships around the globe, especially in underrepresented areas.
– Serve as an intercultural counselor for TGEC translators and the recipients of their translations.
– Represent TGEC and TGEC’s CEO on relevant committees and task forces, as well as at conferences, committee meetings, and counseling sessions.

Preferred qualifications:

– Demonstrated expertise in anti-discrimination principles or corollary knowledge of such principles as acquired through personnel management, management analysis, program analysis, or a related field.
– Demonstrated management experience including developing and managing complex strategic programs and the ability to defend program objectives, developing innovative approaches, identifying required resources, communicating roles and responsibilities, establishing and coordinating teamwork, and establishing an effective management structure.
– Demonstrated leadership in developing and managing major components of a diversity program, such as compliance adjudication, affirmative employment, anti-discrimination, public policy, and advocacy.
– Skill in directing, planning, organizing, and coordinating complex policy development, implementation, and operational activities; budget and program operations; training and outreach efforts; evaluation and overall oversight of programs; and in managing a multi-layered, diverse organization.
– Experience in evaluating, interpreting, and monitoring laws, statutory, and regulatory requirements, policies, principles, and practices related to an organization’s strategic planning and personnel management, including the ability to develop evaluations of external requirements and devise plans for integrated responses, program effectiveness, and business-process improvements.
– Demonstrated experience as organization representative in intra- and inter-organization discussions on anti-discrimination and diversity matters and ensuring that the organization has a comprehensive, results-oriented diversity program, including the management of the planning and policy development, budget and program operations, training, outreach efforts, and evaluation and overall oversight of such programs.
– Experience fostering an environment of inclusion, ensuring that programs, policies, and work environment promote equal opportunity in hiring, advancement, and training.
– Demonstrated commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and empowerment.
– Strong global awareness and astuteness.
– Leadership experience in non-profit, for-profit, government, or philanthropic sectors, working on growth, business development, strategy, planning, or related issues.
– Comprehensive working knowledge of organizational planning, organizational structure, budgeting, administrative operations, and fundraising.
– Demonstrated ability to analyze and compile complex data for planning purposes.
– Impeccable communication skills, both written and oral, with the ability to represent the organization externally across a wide range of stakeholders and constituencies.
– Ability to successfully navigate in a quickly paced, outcome-driven, entrepreneurial environment.
– Undergraduate degree preferred; graduate degree in business or public administration or a related field is strongly desired.

To apply:

Please complete a TGEC Form 1, Application for Employment, which can be obtained from TGEC’s Employment Branch at the e-mail address featured on the “Careers” webpage. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. TGEC offers this position as a highly competitive unpaid internship. TGEC does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of anything that otherwise lands the worst of corporations in court, and prides itself in its pointedly anti-discriminatory policies, while demanding the same of all its employees. All persons that believe themselves capable of performing all of the tasks outlined in this announcement should apply without delay.

Screening process:

Qualified applicants will be evaluated by the TGEC Employment Branch’s rating panel to determine the most qualified applicants and will be based upon the degree to which qualified applicants meet the preferred qualifications. The rating panel will refer the top applicants to the selecting official for consideration.
Please follow all instructions very carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your rating.

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