External job announcement (internal applicants welcome) Procurement

Position: Chief Procurement Officer
Program: Corporation-wide
Reports to: Chief Business Development Officer
Classification: Unpaid internship

Organization overview:

Founded in the philosophical works of the distinguished Prof. Richard Buckminster Fuller, original designer of Tokyo Tower (among many, many other things) the mission of the Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation (“TGEC”) is to apply currently accepted scientific principles to the design of projects that cannot be implemented until the emergence of a global state. Headquartered in the North Aoyama Ward of Tokyo, TGEC has “employees” around the world, with well-educated persons, such as university professors, as the organization’s advisors, and learners, such as university students, as the laborers. None are remunerated, nor do they feign unremunerative intent. TGEC has two divisions, and two corporate boards: the Operations Division and the Support Division, and the Board of Investors and the Board of Advisors. Within the Operations Division exist the following departments: Bioengineering, Nanoengineering, Civil Engineering, Space Engineering, Global Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Communication Engineering. Within the Support Division are the following bureaus: Art, Business Development, Communication, Diversity, Econometrics, Editing, Employment, Finance, General Counsel, Grants, Health, Information, Knowledge, Networking, Philanthropy, Procurement, Reputation, Scheduling, Strategy, Threat Analysis, Translation, and Workforce Education.

Position overview:

TGEC seeks an inspiring, collaborative, and strategic leader to become its next Chief Procurement Officer (CPRO). The successful candidate will be committed to the Corporation’s mission and will serve as the leader of its procurement bureau. Working in partnership with the Chief Business Development Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Innovation Officer, the CPRO will be an integral member of the organization’s leadership team and will be responsible for all of the Corporation’s purchasing.

As TGEC prepares to expand to all of the world’s ten most populated cities in 2018, this is a prime opportunity for the CPRO to be the principal architect of a growing corporate procurement program. The CPRO will build on existing procurement efforts and aggressively pursue new opportunities for acquisition in support of TGEC’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Essential job accountabilities:

The incumbent of this position directs the mission and oversees the work of the Procurement Branch. Duties include, but are not limited to the following:
a. Plans the overall approach to meet procurement objectives for procuring a wide variety of requirements. Performs market research and analysis to determine availability of the requirement; analyzes market trends, commercial practices, conditions, and technological advances, and determines the sources to be solicited. Determines appropriate method of procurement using a wide range of procurement methods and contract types. Selects appropriate procurement approaches, techniques, and procedures to solve a variety of acquisition problems. Analyzes procurement issues and recommends best course of action. Performs acquisition planning along with the operations manager, technical, legal, finance, and other personnel to develop market research, acquisition strategy, milestones, evaluation, source-selection criteria, and incentive or award-fee provisions, as applicable. Exercises latitude in dealing with problems arising during the pre-award phase of procurement actions. Plans and performs the work, selecting the approaches and techniques to be used, and determines actions to be taken with assigned purchases. Uses judgment in interpreting guidelines, in adapting procurement procedures to specific situations and in recommending solutions to problems encountered. Provides business advice and assistance to technical personnel involved in the development of performance work statements, statements of work, or data requirements. Reviews requisition packages for adequacy and compliance with administrative, regulatory, and procedural requirements, and consistency with current market practices and conditions. Reviews procurement requests to determine whether, based on market analysis, the requirement can be performed by small businesses. Actively solicits small businesses via a wide range of socioeconomic groups.
b. Procures a wide variety of services, commodities, and construction. Applies all statutory requirements including regulations, policies, procedures, business and industry practices, market trends, legal decisions, public law, case law, and precedents to all acquisitions. Purchases assigned may contain a variety of unique attributes such as special handling provisions or other specialized terms and conditions, unfavorable market conditions, and limited competition or sole-source requirements. Ensures the price schedule is properly structured, prepares the solicitation, determines sources to be solicited, issues solicitations and amendments, and determines the acceptability of offers based on an analysis of financial and technical information gained. Obtains and reviews subcontracting plans as required. Recommends competitive ranges.
c. Executes post-award contract-performance management actions on assigned projects. Monitors and evaluates contractor performance for compliance with terms and conditions of contracts and ensures timely submission of technical progress reports and performance metrics. Makes field site visits to detect and correct labor standards violations, takes appropriate action to expedite delivery or performance when required by Employer changes, monitors contractors’ use of Employer-furnished property inventories, and issues change orders as necessary. Obtains additional funds or de-obligates funds, as required. Negotiates and prepares contract modifications caused by changes in technical requirements, in quantities, ordering unpriced options, and similar issues. Creates modifications for corrective action. Analyzes price and cost elements of proposed changes and obtains audits when required. Analyzes a wide variety of procurement-administration problems.
d. Serves as a non-voting member of the TGEC Planning Committee and expertly advises the members of the Planning Committee, TGEC’s Board of Investors, and TGEC’s executive officers regarding all procurement matters.

e. Serves as the Corporation’s lead buyer.

f. Reports high-value purchases to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Investors.

g. Serves as the Corporation’s primary point of contact regarding procurement matters, and leads all high-value negotiations.

h. Supervises a team of subordinates, the majority of whom are located around the world. All communicate using English; however, the CPO in particular must have fluent knowledge of the Japanese language.

i. Develops and sustains relationships with other corporate procurement officers.

j. Maintains a flexible leadership style that empowers staff through active communication and delegation, and that promotes intra- and inter-departmental teamwork.

k. Fosters an environment of achievement and ensures staff accountability for excellence through clearly defined, measurable goals.

l. Creates a climate that promotes positivity for others and acceptance of alternative ideas and approaches, as well as the highest ethical standards and practices.

m. Embraces diversity as a strategic advantage.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

The ideal candidate will possess exceptional acquisition skills, and equally outstanding oral and written communication skills. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated exceptional procurement experience in an organization of similar or larger size, or equivalent experience in another field, along with the following additional experience and attributes:

– Undergraduate degree preferred; graduate degree in business or public administration or a related field is strongly desired.
– Impeccable communication skills, both written and oral, with the ability to represent the organization externally across a wide range of stakeholders and constituencies.
– Demonstrated ability to analyze and evaluate complex business data.
– Demonstrated commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and empowerment.
– Ability to navigate a quickly paced, outcome-driven, entrepreneurial environment.
– Strong global awareness and astuteness.
– Leadership experience in non-profit, for-profit, government, or philanthropic sectors, working on growth, business development, planning, or related issues.
– Demonstrated experience managing a high-performing team in a multi-tiered structure to include professional development and mentorship.
– Comprehensive working knowledge of organizational planning, organizational structure, budgeting, administrative operations, and fundraising.
– Strong relationship-building skills, with the ability find common ground, build consensuses, and strengthen collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

To apply:

Please complete a TGEC Form 1, Application for Employment, which can be obtained from TGEC’s Employment Branch at the e-mail address featured on the “Careers” webpage. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. TGEC offers this position as a highly competitive unpaid internship. TGEC does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of anything that otherwise lands the worst of corporations in court, and prides itself in its pointedly anti-discriminatory policies, while demanding the same of all its employees. All persons that believe themselves capable of performing all of the tasks outlined in this announcement should apply without delay.

Screening process:

Qualified applicants will be evaluated by the TGEC Employment Branch’s rating panel to determine the most qualified applicants and will be based upon the degree to which qualified applicants meet the preferred qualifications. The rating panel will refer the top applicants to the selecting official for consideration.

Please follow all instructions very carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your rating.

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