External job announcement (internal applicants welcome) Telehealth 
Position:  Chief Health Officer
Program:  Corporation-wide
Reports to:  Chief Knowledge Officer
Classification:  Unpaid internship
Organization overview:

Founded in the philosophical works of the distinguished Prof. Richard Buckminster Fuller, original designer of Tokyo Tower (among many, many other things) the mission of the Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation (“TGEC”) is to apply currently accepted scientific principles to the design of projects that cannot be implemented until the emergence of a global state.  

Headquartered in the North Aoyama Ward of Tokyo, TGEC has participants around the world, with well-educated persons, such as university professors, as the organization’s advisors, and learners, such as university students, as the laborers.  None are remunerated, nor do they feign unremunerative intent.

TGEC has two divisions, and two corporate boards: the Operations Division and the Support Division, and the Board of Investors and the Board of Advisors.  Within the Operations Division exist the following departments: Bioengineering, Nanoengineering, Civil Engineering, Space Engineering, Global Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Communication Engineering.  Within the Support Division are the following bureaus: Art, Business Development, Communication, Diversity, Econometrics, Editing, Employment, Finance, General Counsel, Grants, Health, Information, Knowledge, Networking, Philanthropy, Procurement, Reputation, Scheduling, Strategy, Threat Analysis, Translation, and Workforce Education.

Position overview:

TGEC seeks an inspiring, collaborative, and strategic leader to become its next Chief Health Officer (CHO).  The successful candidate will be committed to the Corporation’s mission and will serve as the leader of its health bureau.  Working in partnership with the Chief Knowledge Officer, the CHO will be an integral member of the organization’s leadership team and will be responsible for ensuring optimal physical health of its members.  

As TGEC prepares to expand to all of the world’s ten most populated cities in 2020, this is a prime opportunity for the CHO to be the principal architect of a global health program.  Now is the time when access to computers has become cheaper than access to health care. TGEC recognizes its ethical obligation to ensure the physical health of all its members, especially those that cannot otherwise access health care.  The CHO will build on existing health efforts and aggressively pursue new opportunities for outreach and engagement in support of TGEC’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

The CHO will be a proven dynamic and strategic leader with superior relationship-cultivation skills and demonstrated success in health education.  The CHO will possess exceptional planning, analytical-problem-solving, and management skills.

Essential job accountabilities:

The Chief Health Officer is responsible for managing programs that include clinical video telehealth (CVT) and health-education programs throughout the Corporation.  The CHO is responsible for providing telehealth services in a diverse environment of care.  The CHO provides guidance and coordination for acute, specialty, home-based, and intensive medical services, as needed. The CHO consults primary care providers and other health professionals, clinics, internal and external services, and professional agencies.  The CHO provides program assessments, and coordination and planning of multiple health care services.  The CHO coordinates the development of policies, program operating procedures, clinical guidelines, and process standardizations for the Corporation’s global telehealth program. The CHO monitors and measures efficiency and effectiveness of health-care operations while integrating a technological solution to health-care delivery. Such measures will include individual health outcomes, resource utilization, adverse events, and employee relations.  The CHO writes guidelines, polices, and submits documentation and reports. This position does not require travel to, from, or around Tokyo; it can be performed from any Internet-connected computer on the planet.

This position potentially requires flexibility in schedule and assignments, as the Corporation never sleeps, so to say.  The incumbent must be poised and articulate in communicating with people of varied languages in varied time zones, willing to work cooperatively as a member of a team in all assignments, makes caring for others a priority while in the work setting, and demonstrates health principles in all aspects of work.  The incumbent must also be self-motivated in the pursuit of meeting work standards.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

The ideal candidate will possess exceptional health cultivation and management skills, and equally outstanding oral and written communication skills.  The ideal candidate will have demonstrated professional health experience in an organization of similar or larger size, along with the following additional experience and attributes:

  • Undergraduate degree preferred; graduate degree in nursing, health education, or a related field a strong plus
  • Demonstrated understanding of information systems, and how they relate to the improvement of clinical outcomes, continuous performance measures, and decision support technology
  • Knowledge of appropriate teaching principles and strategies, current and evidence-based materials and technologies to teach individuals, groups and other health-care professionals
  • Intense desire to lead and innovate
  • Demonstrated ability to build, supervise, and motivate teams and individuals in a collaborative manner
  • Supervisory experience strongly preferred
  • Results-driven, resourceful, and action-oriented
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Thrives in a collaborative, intense, quickly paced, global work environment
  • Technological savvy, with excellent Microsoft Office skills

To apply:  

Please complete a TGEC Form 17, Internship Application, which can be obtained from TGEC’s Employment Branch at the e-mail address featured on the “Careers” webpage.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. TGEC offers this position as a highly competitive unpaid internship.  TGEC does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of anything that otherwise lands the worst of corporations in court, and prides itself in its pointedly anti-discriminatory policies, while demanding the same of all its employees.  All persons that believe themselves capable of performing all of the tasks outlined in this announcement should apply without delay.

Screening process:

Qualified applicants will be evaluated by the TGEC Employment Branch’s rating panel to determine the most qualified applicants and will be based upon the degree to which qualified applicants meet the preferred qualifications. The rating panel will refer the top applicants to the selecting official for consideration.  

Please, follow all instructions very carefully.  Errors or omissions may affect application rating.

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