External job announcement (internal applicants welcome) University Relations

Position: Deputy Chief Networking Officer for University Relations
Program: Corporation-wide
Reports to: Chief Networking Officer
Classification: Unpaid internship

Organization overview:

Founded in the philosophical works of the distinguished Prof. Richard Buckminster Fuller, original designer of Tokyo Tower (among many, many other things) the mission of the Tokyo Global Engineering Corporation (“TGEC”) is to apply currently accepted scientific principles to the design of projects that cannot be implemented until the emergence of a global state. Headquartered in the North Aoyama Ward of Tokyo, TGEC has “employees” around the world, with well-educated persons, such as university professors, as the organization’s advisors, and learners, such as university students, as the laborers. None are remunerated, nor do they feign unremunerative intent. TGEC has two divisions, and two corporate boards: theOperations Division and the Support Division, and the Board of Investors and the Board of Advisors. Within the Operations Division exist the following departments: Bioengineering, Nanoengineering, Civil Engineering, Space Engineering, Global Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Communication Engineering. Within the Support Division are the following bureaus: Art, Business Development, Communication, Diversity, Econometrics, Editing, Employment, Finance, General Counsel, Grants, Health, Information,Innovation, Knowledge, Networking, Philanthropy, Procurement, Reputation, Scheduling, Strategy, Threat Analysis, Translation, and Workforce Education.

Position overview:

TGEC seeks an inspiring, collaborative, and strategic leader to become its next Deputy ChiefNetworking Officer for University Relations (DCNOUR). The successful candidate will be committed to the Corporation’s mission and will serve as the supporting leader of its networking bureau. Working in partnership with the President, CEO, Chief Networking Officer, and Board of Investors, the DCNOUR will be an integral member of the organization’s leadership support team and will be responsible for all of the Corporation’s networking regarding universities.

As TGEC prepares to expand to all of the world’s ten most populated cities in 2018, this is a prime opportunity for the DCNOUR to be the principal deputy architect of a growing corporate networking program. The DCNOUR will build on existing networking efforts and aggressively pursue new opportunities for participation in support of TGEC’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Essential job accountabilities:

The incumbent of this position assists in directing the mission and overseeing the work of the Networking Branch. Duties include, but are not limited to the following:

• Assists the CNO in serving as a voting member of the TGEC Outreach Committee and working directly with the other members of the Committee, TGEC’s Board of Advisors, and TGEC’s executive officers to maintain and enhance the outreach plan with the following five components:
o Increase TGEC project portfolio, including larger university and government relationships.
o Augment existing outreach model.
o Explore options for outreach.
o Develop the TGEC Operations Division.
o Build TGEC outreach capacity.
• Contacts external parties directly and solicits their participation in the Corporation’s activities.
• Assists the CNO in coordinating and overseeing the NetworkingBranch’s employees, contracts, technology, and budgetary resources.
• Collaborates with all bureaus within the Corporation and helps them to maximize their results while developing healthy and trustworthy relations.
• Collaborates with the Deputy Chief Strategy Officer, Deputy Chief Business Development Officer, Deputy Chief Reputation Officer, and Deputy Chief Employment Officer to identify organizations from which the Corporation can recruit new members.
• Collaborates with the Deputy Chief Information Officer and Deputy Chief Reputation Officer to ensure use of a unique platform or a combination of a number of platforms available in the market to build internal networking methodologies and tools.
• Collaborates with the Deputy Chief Business Development Officer to develop core business relationships by creating them, nurturing them, and maintaining them.
• Collaborates with the Deputy Chief Diversity Officer to author and implement a friction-reducing networking strategy for the Corporation as a whole, as well as for its core relationships.
• Collaborates with the Deputy Chief Workforce Education Officer to coach employees about networking, and implements networking methodology throughout the Corporation.
• Collaborates with the Deputy Chief Workforce Education Officer to teach employees to become serial networkers, collecting more contacts for the Corporation.
• Collaborates with the Deputy Chief Workforce Education Officer to coach employees to consider themselves in a one-on-one relationship with external participants rather than a traditionally cold, corporate duality of employee/customer.
• When necessary, collaborates with the Chief Diversity Officer to bring conflicting parties together and ensures the satisfaction and informed status of all parties.
• Reports high-value contacts to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.
• Reduces attrition within the Corporation and convinces members to maintain active status within the Corporation.
• Builds trust among peers, subordinates, and clients.
• Reduces internal and external senses of competition and competitiveness.
• Liaises with other departments and maintains awareness of macro lines and general challenges happening inside the Corporation.
• Monitors all relationships inside the Corporation and between the Corporation and outside partners, organizations, et cetera.
• Ensures that all stakeholders communicate with each other on a regular basis, andmotivates them to do so.
• Identifies (a) complementarities, (b) synergies, (c) resonance, and (d) leverage among all stakeholders and all contacts known by all members of the Corporation and its internal network. As a consequence, the DCNO will generate a huge number of opportunities which must be pursued by the Corporation’s Networking Bureau.
• Provides networking facilitation: gets people to talk, organizes internal networking meetings, facilitates mouth-to-mouth knowledge sharing and intranet networking.
• Ensures that members of different organizations connect and talk, and that integration processes do not stop.
• Meets stakeholders when mutually convenient and seeks not to promote the Corporation’s services but instead to facilitate some aspects of their professional and personal lives in which they feel something more could be done or achieved.
• Regarding partnering organizations, informs TGEC management with impressions on how the networking is developing and drives the benchmarking processes of partnering organizations, motivating them to reach their own internal and external goals.
• Adds value to the Corporation by developing stronger bonds among individuals and bureaus within the Corporation.
• Coaches all stakeholdersso as toproduce the best of all of them, for their own mutual benefit.
• Serves as the Corporation’s alternatepoint of contact regarding recruitmentmatters.
• Assists the CNO in supervising a team of subordinates, the majority of whom are located around the world. All communicate using English, and no knowledge of the Japanese language is required.
• Ensures workforce acumen is developed for continuous improvement to meet networkingneeds.
• Develops and sustains relationships with other corporate networking officers.
• Maintains a flexible leadership style that empowers staff through active communication and delegation, and that promotes intra- and inter-departmental teamwork.
• Fosters an environment of achievement and ensures staff accountability for excellence through clearly defined, measurable goals.
• Creates a climate that promotes positivity for others and acceptance of alternative ideas and approaches, as well as the highest ethical standards and practices.
• Embraces diversity as a strategic advantage.
• No travel is required; however, university students seeking internship placement in Tokyo have some options available to them, pending approval from universities assigning grades.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

The ideal candidate will possess exceptional networking skills, and equally outstanding oral and written communication skills. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated exceptional networking experience in an organization of similar or larger size, or equivalent experience in another field, along with the following additional experience and attributes:

– Leadership experience in non-profit, for-profit, government, or philanthropic sectors, working on growth, business development, strategy, planning, or related issues.
– Demonstrated experience managing a high-performing team in a multi-tiered structure to include professional development and mentorship.
– Impeccable communication skills, both written and oral, with the ability to represent the organization externally across a wide range of stakeholders and constituencies.
– Strong relationship builder, with the ability find common ground, build consensuses, and strengthen collaboration among diverse stakeholders.
– Strong global awareness and astuteness.
– Ability to successfully navigate in a quickly paced, outcome-driven, entrepreneurial environment.
– Demonstrated commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and empowerment.
– Undergraduate degree preferred; graduate degree in business or public administration or a related field is strongly desired.

To apply:

Please complete a TGEC Form 1, Application for Employment, which can be obtained from TGEC’s Employment Branch at the e-mail address featured on the “Careers” webpage. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. TGEC offers this position as a highly competitive unpaid internship. TGEC does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of anything that otherwise lands the worst of corporations in court, and prides itself in its pointedly anti-discriminatory policies, while demanding the same of all its employees. All persons that believe themselves capable of performing all of the tasks outlined in this announcement should apply without delay.

Screening process:

Qualified applicants will be evaluated by the TGEC Employment Branch’s rating panel to determine the most qualified applicants and will be based upon the degree to which qualified applicants meet the preferred qualifications. The rating panel will refer the top applicants to the selecting official for consideration.

Please follow all instructions very carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your rating.

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